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The QA40 Atomizer uses ultrasonic energy to generate a low-velocity, gentle spray.  Multiple probe options are available to fit a variety of applications, spray patterns and vessel shapes or sizes. The sample can be precisely delivered to the target area. Overspray is virtually eliminated resulting in material savings. The atomizer can run continuously or be programmed to pulse on and off.

With water, the average droplet size is 50 microns. To optimize atomization, the liquid product’s solid concentration must be below 30% and viscosity below 50 cps. A low pressure metering pump is recommended to deliver the liquid sample to the nozzle. Gravity feed can also be utilized.

The QA40 Atomizer System does not include a probe. An appropriate probe for your application should be chosen and ordered with the system.
Technical Specifications:

      • 50 Micron droplet size
      • Programmable Operation
      • Programmable Timer: 10 hours
      • Adjustable Pulse On/Off:  1 second to 1 minute
      • Multiple probe options
      • Dimensions (W x L x H): 20,32 x 35 x 14,6 cm

                    Spray Pattern

                    Atomizer Probe Options

                    (EN; 516 KB)
                    Type of Probe Tip
                    A (mm)
                    B (mm)
                    C (mm)
                    D (mm)
                    Standard Tip up to 30ml/min flow rate
                    Flat Tip up to 50ml/min flow rate
                    35 degreeupward spray
                    Radial Spray
                    Full wave Tip
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