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Karl Fischer Moisture Titrator

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Hybrid Karl Fischer Moisture Titrator MKH-700  has the world’s first & convenient functions equipped such as  high-speed & high-precision measurement by “Hybrid titration method”  which uses both “Volumetric titration method” and “Coulometric  titration method”, and “Electrolytic Factor Measurement System” which  does not require pure water for factor determination.

Karl Fischer Moisture Titrator which is on the market is necessary to  adjust the sample amount when carrying out the measurement.
“Hybrid titration method” automatically switches between the parallel  measurement by “Volumetric titration method” and “Coulometric titration  method” by monitoring moisture content in titration cell with high-speed  & high-precision measurement, therefore can measure without  adjusting the sample amount.
With just pressing one button, the “Electrolytic Factor Measurement  System” automatically performs the factor determination of Karl Fischer  reagent, and save the time & work without using pure water.
See a video on our official YouTube channel here.
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