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New CO2 Incubator with Water Jacket BNA600

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  • Temperature range: ambient + 5 to 50° C
  • Humidity range: 95% RH or more
  • CO2 concentration: adjustable 0 to 20.0%
  • 7-inch color touch screen (English / Japanese languages)
  • Internal volume: 167 L
  • With HEPA circulation
  • Reduced CO2 consumption by approximately 55%
  • Temperature adjustment accuracy / Temperature variation ± 0.1° C / ± 0.2° C (at 37° C)
  • Temperature distribution accuracy / temperature gradient ± 0.2° C / 1.0° C (at 37° C)
  • CO2 concentration adjustment accuracy / CO2 concentration variation ± 0.2% (at 37° C. CO2 concentration setting 5.0%)

N-Wissen GmbH  is the exclusive representative of Yamato Scientific in Europe. For  more information and technical support please contact our company on +49  (0) 69 8900 4008 or at

The world’s first Electromagnetically Spinning Viscometer

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Tags: EMS1000

N-Wissen GmbH presents the world’s first Electromagnetically Spinning Viscometer / Rheometer for Small, Sticky and Precious Samples.

The measuring principle is impressively simple and very powerful:
*  Wide measuring range 0.1 … 1,000,000 mPa∙s for many applications
* Automatically evaluate the temperature dependency of the viscosity in the range of 0 … 200°C within a very short time
* Captures the whole measurement with its built-in video camera
* Excellent repeatability of the measured values
* Disposable measuring cell – no cleaning required
* Requires only very small sample volumes (300 µl)
* Capable of performing determinations of the rheological behaviour of  liquids by determining the share rate dependency of the viscosity
* Provides a better absolute accuracy and repeatability of the results than classical Rotational Viscometers.
See a video on our official YouTube channel here.

KEM & N-Wissen GmbH Partnership

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Tags: KEM
Exclusive agreement between N-Wissen and KEM Kyoto
More information: here

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