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Stability Chamber - ICH Guidelines for Stability Testing (ICH Q1A) | 600 - 1200 L

The stability cabinets have unsurpassed reliability in recreating Temperature and Humidity conditions. With FDA 21 CFR part 11 compliant data logging and IQ, OQ and PQ documents for mandatory quality qualifications. More Information:

(EN; 952 KB)

Climatic Chamber for Photostability Testing | 600 L

Climatic Chamber for Photostability Testing of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics or equivalent products (ICH Q1B compliant). Removable interior shelves allow for also running stability tests (ICH Q1A compliant). More Information:

(EN; 952 KB)

Plant Growth Chamber | 600 - 1200 L

Plant Growth Chamber for numerous plant research applications. Allowing precise and reproducible control of temperature, humidity, light intensities, air flow and CO2, with an adaptable future proof interior to fit almost any research scenario. More Information:

(EN; 1,01 MB)

Environmental Testing Chambers | 300 - 1500 L

Chambers for testing temperature and humidity, simulation and exposure to weather, temperature cycles, aging and stress testing. More Information:

(EN; 1,24 MB)
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