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DCU-551 Auto Sampling Unit for 1 Sample
Density / Specific Gravity Meter | DA-100

The built-in thermostatic control makes measurement stable in resulting values.
Thus, human error is eliminated in addition to easy operation and high precision.

  • Measurement in a short period of time
  • With built-in thermal control
  • High precision thermal sensor is installed in measuring cell
  • Concentration can be obtained by conversion.
  • Temperature can be selected in the range from 15 - 40°C by 0.1° C step. Also setting in °F (59°F ~104°F, 1°F step) is available.
  • It can convert density/specific gravity to concentration value and display the result.
  • Canversion Equation is linear and display is in 12 different units.
  • It enables more efficient and effective routine measurement than conventional measurement with hydrometer for API degree. Baume degree and others.
  • It can output data of density, specific gravity, concentration alues, date and time, etc through RS-232C and can be connected to an external computer or an optional printer.
  • Parameter setting and operating is designed user-friendly, easy  to use, being guided by dialogue message on display.
  • Purge pump is equipped as standard to desiccate the measuring cell.
  • Easy factor calibration of measuring cell can be performed using air and pure water. No complicated calculation is required.

  • Beverages, foods, petroleum, pharmaceutical, alcoholic beverages, etc.
Technical Specifications:
0 - 3 g/cm3
±0.001 g/cm3
15 - 40°C
16 X 2 LCD with back light
Contents of display
  • Density
  • Relative gravity
  • Measurement temperature
RS232C single channel
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