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(1) Small sample volume & Quick measurement:

  • A very small sample volume of 0.3 mL (90µL option) is sufficient to do viscosity measurements and studies of the temperature, share rate and concentration dependency of the viscosity.
(2) Sealed measuring cell:

  • The measuring cell is closed. This safely prevents measuring errors due to evaporation of the sample.
  • Volatile samples and anaerobic samples can easily be measured.
(3) Disposable Sample Containers:

  • No need to clean sample containers after each measurements
  • No contamination can occur between measurements.
  • All parts of the viscometer which come in direct contact with the sample are disposable and inexpensive.
  • The EMS Viscometer is the ideal solution to perform measurements of samples which are difficult or impossible to dissolve after measurement like products which tend to polymerize or adhesives.
(4) Thermal Characteristic by changing temperature:

  • Temperature control: 0 to 200°C (±0.1)
  • Quick temperature control (in 10 minutes from ambient temperature to 200°C)
  • No cooling / heating circulator required.
  • Optionally: measurements in a temperature range of either −10 to 50°C or 80 to 300°C.
(5) Wide measuring range:

  • Viscosity Range: 0.1 to 1,000,000 mPa∙s.
  • In contrast to other Rotational and Capillary Viscometers where a suitable type of spindle or capillary must be selected according to the viscosity of the sample, the EMS Viscometer covers the whole measuring range with one single type of measuring cell.
(6) Equipped CMOS Camera:

  • Enables to capture the whole measurement with its built-in video camera.
  • Changes in the sample characteristics like coagulation or formation of precipitates can be detected during and after measurements.
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