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htc-VROC Viscometer
hts-VROC® Viscometer - High Temperature Viscosity

Because viscosity is heavily dependent on temperature, all RheoSense viscometers come with the option of adding temperature control. Different applications may require high temperature viscosity analysis for instance, the oil/lubricant industry. When working with lubricants, specific shear rates and temperature ranges have to be tested to mimic the conditions in which the lubricants will actually perform in such as in the bearings of internal combustion engines.

To meet this requirement, RheoSense introduced the hts-VROC® model. This system provides the same features and specifications as m-VROC®, but hts-VROC® provides the added capability to measure at temperatures as high as 105°C.

htc-VROC Viscometer
Technical Specifications:
  • Minimum Sample Volume: 50 µL
  • Maximum Shear Rate: 0.5 ~ 1,400,000 s-1
  • Viscosity Range: 0.2 ~ 100,000 (mPa*s) (or cP)
  • Temperature Stability: ~ +/- 0.07 °C
  • Accuracy: Up to 2% of Reading
  • Temperature Range: 4 to 105 °C
  • Shear Rate & Temperature Sweeps: Yes
  • Sample Measuring Time: <1 min
  • Non-Newtonian: Yes
  • Repeatability: Up To 0.5% of Reading
  • Evaporation, Air/Liquid Interference: No
Chip Selection:
Max. Pressure (Pa)
Maximum Shear Rate (1/s)
Flow Channel Depth (µm)
Chip Type
Small Sample & Low Viscosity
10k Pa Full Scale
50; 100; 200; 300A
Small Sample & Medium Viscosity
40k Pa Full Scale
50; 100; 200; 300
Small Sample & High Viscosity
200k Pa Full Scale
50; 100; 200; 300
High Shear
1.8M Pa Full Scale
50; 100; 200
Applications: hts-VROC® Viscometer - High Temperature Viscosity
hts-VROC provides extensional viscosity data by monitoring the sample flow through a microfluidic channel. The system measures the change in pressure using the MEMS pressure sensors, and it registers changes in the flow.
Applications include:
  • Polymers
  • Fiber extrusion spinnerets
  • Paint rolling
  • Blow molding
      • Ink jet printer nozzles
      • Sheet or film drawing
      • Flow through a porous media
                Chip Cleaning Station
                The chip cleaning station allows for a selection of 3 different solvents along with cleaning protocols.

                All of this is accessible with a built-in touch screen display.

                • 3 Solvent Bottles for optimized cleaning
                • Easy Operation: Touch screen user interface
                • One button for running the cleaning
                • Run factory cleaning protocols or customize

                Technical Specifications:
                • Solvent Bottles: 3
                • Dimensions (without solvent bottles): 231 x 231 x 153 mm
                • Power Consumption: 50 W
                • Weight (without solvent bottles): 2.3 kg
                • Power Supply: 220 V

                m-VROC Chip Cleaning Station
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