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Automatic Titration:

Number of Samples:
12 or 18
6 or 11
AT-710M | AT-710S | AT-610 | AT-510
AT-710M | AT-710S | AT-710B | AT-700
50ml to 300ml
50ml to 250ml
Stirring Device:
Magnetic Stirrer Built-in
Magnetic Stirrer in rinse bath
Propeller Stirrer
Propeller Stirrer
Multiple Sample Changer | CHA-600
The sample changer exclusive for AT-710M , AT-710S , AT-610 and AT-510 Automatic Potentiometric Titrators Capable to make continuous measurements on 12 or 18 samples

  • Allow to make continuous measurements on multiple samples easily by titrator unit.
  • Compatible with various samples by combining shower rinsing or soak rinsing.
  • Allow to setup a user-sequence for rinsing samples according to their properties.
  • Allow for pre-treatment (dosing solvent) and post-treatment (draining waste liquid after measurement).
  • Feature pre-treatment to allow reagent to be previously dosed.
  • Optional hood keeps operators from contacting hazardous solvents like acetic acid or pyridine
  • Optional water circulator allows to make measurements at low or constant temperature.
Advanced Liquid Handling:

The CHA-600 features 2 built-in persistaltic pumps. For special applications like non aqueous titrations or applications which require a pre-treatement of the samples or the addition auxiliary reagents the CHA-600 can control several additional external diaphragm and/or peristaltic pumps and an automatic piston burette. The additional pumps can as well be used to automatically empty the beakers after titration and to collect the organic and inorganic waste in different containers. They enable the CHA-600 at the same time to perform series of aqueous and non-aqueous titrations in a row, applying different rinsing and pre-conditioning steps according to the nature of the samples to be titrated.
Smples Heating or Cooling Feature:

Volatile samples sometimes require cooling, others require heating either because they are solid at room temperature or in order to speed up chemical reactions. The CHA-600 can do both, as it can be equipped with a water bath connected to a circulating thermostat in order to heat or cool the samples as soon as they are put into the turntable.
Technical Specifications:
Maximum number of samples:
Sample Container:
  • Disposable cup: 100mL, 200mL (Standard)
  • Beaker: 50mL, 100mL, 200mL
  • Tall beaker: 100mL, 200mL, 300mL
  • Erlenmeyer Flask: 200mL
  • Disposable cup: 100mL (Standard) or
  • Beaker: 50mL
Rinsing Method:
Standard: Shower rinsing
Option: Rinsing with two kinds of solution/solvent
Rinsing Solution:
Pure water, Alcohol, Acetic acid, etc.
Ambient Conditions:
Temperature: 5 - 35°C; Humidity: Below 85% RH
Sequence Setup:
On automatic titrator
Sequence Control:
  • Automatic by titrator
  • Manual by key
  • External control via RS-232C
  • RS232C for Personal Computer
  • S-bus cable for AT-510/AT-610 Titrator
Power Supply:
100-120 / 200-240 VAC, 50 / 60HZ
Power Consumption:
520 (W) X 426 (D) X 369 (H) mm
~18 kg
Multiple Sample Changer | CHA-700
6 or 11 samples can be loaded for continuous measurement with connection of AT-710M, AT-710S, AT-710B & AT-700 Automatic Potentiometric titrator.

  • Allow to measure 6 or 11 samples in succession. (1 for rinsing, 6 or 11 for sampling)
  • Compact: size of combination with AT-710 and AT-700 is only 36.5 cm width.
  • Sample rack up-down motion, rotation of arm.
  • Simple & rugged structure
  • It can control an external pump to allows a powerful shower/drain for perfect cleaning the electrode and the stirrer after titrations.
Technical Specifications:
Maximum Number of Samples:
Sample Container:
Standard: Beakers: 200 mL, 250 mL, disposable cup: 200 mL

With optional adapter: Beakers: 50 mL, 100 mL, 100 mL tall beaker, disposable cup: 100 mL
Standard: Beakers: 50mL or disposable cup: 100mL
Dipping in beaker at fixed position / Shower cleaning (Optional)
Rinse Solution:
Pure water, alcohol, etc.
Pure water
Stirring Device:
Propeller stirrer
Sample rack up-down motion, rotation of arm
Sequence Setting:
Set from Automatic Potentiometric Titrator
Sequence control:
Auto: started by Automatic Potentiometric Titrator
Manual: operated from Automatic Potentiometric Titrator
LED (Power, Remote, Beaker)
Each position has it's own LED
SS-Bus x2: for connecting AT-710M , AT-710S , AT-710B , AT-700 and APB
Pump x1: for optional shower cleaning and sample drain
365 (W) × 443 (D) × 315 (H) mm   
Power Supply:
DC24 V 1.9A
AC 100 - 240 V ±10% 50/60 Hz (CHA-700-11 comes with adapter)
Power Consumption:
~ 20 W
8 kg
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